25/04/16 - Time Flies


Well another week passed, where do they go?. 


Hatchings percentages are really good and it seems as though we have poults popping up everywhere.  Such an exciting time I think.  We currently have builders on site and they are fascinated by the hatching process and the development of the poults.  Spring Fever is infectious and everyone is bouyed up by the new life and blossoming trees that surrounds us. 

The various incubators have certainly grabbed the attention of our young grandson and he is fascinated and peers into them at every opportunity.  Hopefully he is a young poultry keeper in the making.  Already a confident collector of chicken eggs he loves filling the basket with our chocolate brown Marans eggs.  But I think baking with Nanna is his motivation as biscuits and cakes are always on the agenda when he is around.   At a recent poultry show he declared he liked Frizzles the best, so clearly he is a work in progress regards turkeys. 



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