16/03/16 - Posting Turkey Eggs

We are often asked if we send eggs through the post, and the answer is a definite yes.  However, there are a few things that you need to know before you place a 'postal' order with us.

Firstly we only sell eggs when we have hatched sufficient poults to maintain our breeding programs or fulfil our orders.  Only then are eggs available for sale, and this means that some varieties  will not be vailable until later in the year.

Whenever selling eggs we prefer collection whenever possible.  The reasoning behind this is that the hatchability of an egg can be significantly diminished by a postal or courier journey.  We have heard of an occasional 100% hatch after such a journey, but that is the exception. So to reiterate, the general hatchability of fertile eggs is diminished considerably following a postal or courier journey. 

In fact we don't offer a guarantee of hatchability on any eggs we sell, even those collected, and this is because we have no influence upon how they are managed once they leave our care.

However, we acknowledge that some people are unable to collect their eggs personally, and subsequently we will post them.  We do of course have success when posting eggs even to places such as Scottish Islands or when couriered to the toe of Italy.  In doing so we have enabled people in remote or distant locations the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of keeping heritage varieties of turkey. 

We take great care when we package our eggs for posting, and I can't remember anyone ever reporting that one arrived broken. 

But you must be aware before you embark upon this option that 'postal or couriered eggs' are always going to be a gamble. 

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