Welcome to Heritage Turkeys Website, a National Collection of Traditional Varieties of Turkey

At Heritage Turkeys we keep all the UK recognised varieties of heritage turkey and these are: Blue,  British White,  Bourbon Red,  Bronze,  Buff,  Harvey Spotted, Narragansett,  Norfolk Black,  Crollwitzer/Pied, and Slate. 
It is sad to confirm that all the heritage varieties of turkey in the UK are on the Rare Breed Survival Trust Watchlist.  We are the first location where all heritage varieties of turkey could be found alongside each other, but more importantly, with all breeding.

Give the extremely low numbers of some varieties there is a very real danger thay they could be lost forever, but at Heritage Turkeys we are doing all we can to halt the decline.  We believe the most effective way to retain and sustain the traditional varieties of turkey is through careful management of core breeding stock with  surplus birds sold on to an ever growing band of traditional turkey enthusiasts. 
This website is intended to highlight the diverse varieties of turkey available, identify why it is important to retain traditional varieties, inform potential keepers how best to maintain a healthy and happy flock, and to entertain you with regular updates of our turkeys antics.

If you have any questions about Heritage Turkeys, would like to know more about the availability of varieties we raise, or just want to ask a turkey related question, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Heritage Turkeys



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